CoolTool Series

Real Cooling Power evapcool_mediaproduct_page1_nobuttons.indd

Anywhere You Need It

A Multi-Use Evaporative Air Cooling Machine.

The CoolTool family of evaporative air coolers puts real cooling power anywhere you need it. These versatile units come complete with a caster wheel set providing mobility for your special spot cooling needs.

Operated by easy control rocker switches, the powerful 115V motor delivers cool air with twin 360º directional grilles. Our exclusive PEBLAR XT cabinet finish will assure you many years of reliable service.

The Perfectcooltool-series-1
Portable Cooler for:
  • Garages
  • Spot Cooling
  • Workshops
  • Assembly Lines
  • Attic Cooling
  • Patios
  • Parties
  • And More!
Mobile or Permanentcooltool-series-2

Installation Options

A multi-purpose unit in the 4600 CFM* range, the CoolTool V2 (CTV21) can be configured with its adjustable mounting legs, for permanent through-the-wall installation, or with the included casters for mobile cooling. The extra tall design allows you to adjust the air flow to a convenient height and two extra large pads provide optimum air flow and lower maintenance.

  • Powerful 1/2 HP, 115 Volt, 2 Speed Motor
  • Dual Inlet Design, for Easy Maintenance
  • Twin 360º Multi-directional Grilles
  • Duct Extension Included for simple through-the-wall applications
  • Simple Controls and Quiet Operation
  • Easily Mounted
  • Extra Tall Design with Adjustable Legs
  • Designed to Fit in Casement Windows
  • Fits Easily Between Studs on 16” Centers
Through-The-Wall Installation Or Window Mountingcooltool-series-4

The vertical duct design of the CTV21 fits easily between studs on 16” centers for through-the-wall mounting.


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