Aspen Blower Coolers

aspen-coolers-1Energy Efficiency

Exceptional Performance

Our Commercial Coolers deliver the industry optimum fresh air with motor horsepower ranges from ¾ Hp to 7 ½ Hp to meet the most challenging design requirements. Often referred to as air washers, these units also provide filtering to induction air prior to entering workplace environments through ducts or single inlet discharge aperture. Similarly, used as air handlers without the use of water, fresh make-up air requirements in restaurant kitchens, industrial work environments and dry cleaning industries can be met cost effectively and energy efficiently.

Our Exclusive Peblar XT surface preparation is the highest quality outdoor architectural grade finish used in the industry to date. This attractive, multi-layered bonded treatment protects the cooler against corrosion and provides years of reliable service.

Features & Benefitsaspen-coolers-2

Our Commercial Coolers line is constructed of hot dipped galvanized steel and treated with our 5-stage, durable Peblar XT appliance type finishing process. Using plane separation technology, our computerized dynamic wheel balancer provides the smoothest running vibration-free wheel possible. Engineered and designed for reliable performance and long life, these commercial units will last through the years with minimum maintenance and optimum cooling capacity.

  • Up to 22,000 CFM Capacity
  • AMCA licensed ratings
  • Solid shaft for strength & durability
  • All welded, hot dipped galvanized steel construction cabinet
  • Heavy duty UL recognized motor and pump available
  • Multi-layered bottom pan finish
  • Peblar XT™ architectural finish, protects against rust
  • Dynamically balanced blower wheels
  • Belt and bleed off included

aspen-coolers-3Environmentally Friendly Cooling

Evaporative coolers contain no ozone harmful CFC’s typically found in typical mechanical refrigeration processes of large areas. Along with filtering capabilities, these units also introduce fresh cool air into work areas and storage environments. Saving as much as 75% of the cost incurred with air conditioning, these units reduce the electrical demand realized by utilities and ultimately reduce operating costs while raising efficiencies.

Choosing the Right Model To Meet Your Needs

Choosing the right Commercial Cooler model is important for proper operation. These air coolers are designed to operate at maximum efficiency with minimal maintenance. All Commercial air coolers use efficient Aspen media to deliver colder air while reducing the overall cost of replacing the media.

For maximum performance, choose the model with the proper rating and motor as well as the correct duct configuration.

Energy Efficiency & Exceptional Performancepmi-amca-certified

Specification of critical components is vital in obtaining the required discharge volume through the unit. Motor horsepower, voltage, motor shaft outside diameter, motor sheave outside and inside diameter all directly relate to the revolutions per minute (RPM) of the blower wheel. Equally important is the reduction in electrical usage and water required for operation.

The Commercial Cooler Series enhances productivity though comfort sustaining energy efficiency with exceptional performance.

Performance shown is installation Type B – free inlet, duct outlet. Power Rating (B.H.P.) does not include drive losses. Performance ratings include the effects of evaporative media in the airstream.