Custom Clean Timer 1Extend the Life of Your Cooler

Custom Clean Timer

Not all Evaporative Coolers Are Created Equal! Different size units require different flush cycles and time periods to work properly. The Custom-Clean™ gives you the ability to set a customized cleaning cycle that meets the needs of your specific evaporative air cooler.

The Programmable Drain Controller

  • Reduces Harmful Scale Build-up
  •  Keeps Your Cooler Cleaner Longer
  •  Retards Growth Of Odor Causing Bacteria
  •  Optimizes Cleaning Effects And Water Consumption To The Size Of Your Cooler
  •  Is Environmentally Friendly And Safe
How the Custom-Clean Timer Works


8 Custom Cleaning Cycles
Four dump frequency settings and two cleaning cycle time periods combine for a total of 8 custom settings which are designed to meet the needs of your individual evaporative air cooler.

Custom Clean Timer 2Extend the Life of Your Cooler
Extend the life of your evaporative cooler and keep it running cleaner and longer with Custom-Clean™.

Installation is Easy
Simply connect the Custom-Clean™ to an extra water pump (not includ­ed) inside your cooler, set the Cleaning Frequency to 2, 4, 6 or 8 hours. Next, choose a run time of 5 minutes or 9 minutes, depending on the size of your cooler – that’s it!

Customize the Cleaning Cycles
Custom-Clean™ allows you to customize the flush cycles to your exact cooler for optimum cleaning and allows for custom setting for both the dump frequency and time periods.