About PMI

Phoenix Manufacturing Inc., PMI,  is an established leader in the manufacturing of home and business cooling devices.  The company was founded in 1975 (incorporated in Arizona) as a family owned business.  Continental Material Corporation (a.k.a. CMC) purchased PMI in 1983 and  has since expended in excess of $ 15, MM in facility and product upgrades.  Phoenix Mfg. Inc. has  realized major market share gains through a dedicated customer service organization, product line expansion, and with unique and innovative product offerings.

We remain dedicated to our goal of supplying our customers the highest quality product with proven customer service at a competitive price.  We continue to aggressively develop new products with the most advanced technology in our field.
Company Values
At Phoenix Manufacturing we are dedicated to treating people with dignity and respect in all that we do by:

* Being honest, fair and consistent in all of our business dealings.
* Work to the highest level of business ethics in our business.
* Each employee should pursue balance between work and personal time.

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