Factory Pre-wire Servicesingle-point-connection-1

Single Point Connection

Simplify and save on your next industrial/commercial evaporative cooler installation job. We bring the highest level of customer service possible by offering factory assembly and pre-wire services that save both time and money on all your installation jobs.

  • Weather proof NEMA 3R box
  • Single phase or 3 phase motor control
  • Class 10 overload protection for the 3 phase motors
  • Circuit breaker serves as disconnect for motor.Separate field supplied disconnect for motor not required.
  • Separate disconnect for pump/control circuit easily shuts down unit for inspection.
  • Relay to control pump operation
  • Terminal blocks for input/output connections in the control box
  • Lighted push-button switch box for remote installation to control pump and fan operation
    (requires field-supplied conduit and wiring between control and switch box)
  • VFD motor (fan) controller option details available upon request

SPC – New Installations

Simplify and save on your next commercial evaporative cooler installation job with our Factory Pre-wire Service.  The Single Point Connection (SPC) requires an electrical supply for the motor voltage as well as 120V supply for the contacts, switch box and pump which must originate in the space.

Factory Pre-wire Service includes installation and wiring of the motor, motor sheave, pump, float, control box and junction box. The Control box is ready for the 120V line and motor voltage supply, greatly simplifying the installation and reducing time on the job.

SPCR – Retrofit Installations

When working with a job where  installers are retrofitting  coolers on an existing installation, we will provide specific models (SPCR) for that 240V application.  This is an application where the coolers are being replaced and the existing voltage supply remains intact.  For these jobs that have existing wiring at 240V, all components – including pumps, controller, and motor – are supplied in 240V.

Single Point Connection Specificationssingle-point-connection-3

Factory Pre-wire Service includes installation and wiring of the motor, motor sheave, pump, float, control box and the pump junction box.  The control box for the SPC is ready for the 120V pump supply wire and the motor voltage supply.  For the SPCR the control box is wired for only 240V motor AND pump.

Order process will be to order the Cooler, Motor, Motor Sheave, 115V Pump, Float and the SPC model accessory.