Winterizing Tips

Here are 10 tips to help winterize your evaporative cooler.

1. Shut off water supply line and loosen water connection at the supply to drain any water left in the line. This is to prevent the water in the line from freezing and expanding breaking your water line.

2. If you are a proud owner of the AeroCool Pro Series, turn off the disconnect switch that is provided with the Pro cooler to prevent any damage from power surges. If not a Pro Series cooler unplug the motor and pump from their receptacle.

3. With rigid media coolers remove the pads and rinse with a water hose to remove any mineral build up.

4. Remove the stand pipe inside of the cooler for draining, do not re-install in the event that rain water should get into the unit.

5. Rinse the bottom reservoir to wash out calcium build up, never scrape with a hard object, it may crack or chip the plastic liner, sealant or protective paint.

6. Remove the belt and set in cooler to release any tension on the bearings and motor when not in use.

7. Oil the bearing with 5 to 10 drops of SAE 30 NON DETERGENT oil.

8. Re-Install the pads and re- assemble

9. With the PRO Series cooler you can remove the back louver panel and replace it with your Pro-Shield Winterizing Panel that was included with your AeroCool Pro Series cooler. This replacement panel will prevent heat loss or cold air from entering the space. The Pro-Shield winterizing panel will also fit any Trophy Series cooler and can be purchased at your authorized dealer. For all other PMI evaporative coolers most folks install a damper panel that slides in the provided slot below the blower housing.

10. In conclusion if you take care of your cooler each season it will in turn provide you with many years of comfortable cooling.