Residential Coolers

Aerocool Trophy Series

Rigid Media Single Inlet

Utilizing single inlet design, the Trophy Series provides the ultimate protection available for the longevity of your cooler. Fully lined in a tough plastic shield, the all-metal construction of the wet module is protected from the damaging effects of typical deposits found in most water systems. High efficiency evaporative cooling, low maintenance and long life of the Trophy Series makes this cooler your award winner.

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Aerocool Pro Series

Rigid Media Single Inlet

Set the comfort level for you and your family and the AeroCool Pro-Series evaporative air cooler does the rest. Combined with the Pro-Stat programmable thermostat, the AeroCool Pro-Series will automatically and efficiently operate the equipment to best maintain your comfort level while using the least amount of energy.

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Frigiking Coolers

Aspen Media Roof Top/Ducted

It’s hard to beat our 4-pad bottom discharge model for maximum cool air at minimum energy cost. Ideal for roof installation, this cooler features a unique full-closing damper to seal the unit and prevent winter heat loss. The versatile side discharge unit is perfect for either roof or thru-the-wall installations. Our wide angle pad lancing provides maximum air intake for maximum efficiency.

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Window Coolers

With both Aspen and Rigid Models

Our window units are available in several different models and sizes to best serve your individual cooling needs. Units are perfect for cooling in garages, workshops or cooling apartments, mobile homes or greenhouses. What’s more they are designed and built to last.

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