Rebates offered for customers choosing evaporative cooling

The cost of household energy has risen many times faster than average household incomes since 2004, according to a study.

Power companies are struggling to keep up. In order to offset some of the peak demands of heating and cooling electric providers are offering incentives to reduce energy consumption.

One of the many incentives being offered are rebates for products that help diminish electric consumption. The installation and use of evaporative coolers are often rewarded with substantial rebates from local utility companies.

There are many companies that are offering many different levels of rebates for installing evaporative cooling on your home.

Xcel Energy in Colorado has one of the largest rebates with a maximum rebate of up to $1000 for adding a thermostatically controlled 90% efficient evaporative cooler.

Check with your utility company to see if your evaporative cooler qualifies for rebates or visit our rebate information page to check for a rebate in your area.