Quality in Manufacturing Key to Phoenix Manufacturing’s Longevity

Phoenix Manufacturing has been making evaporative cooling products since 1975. The Phoenix based company designs, manufactures and distributes its products both nationally and internationally for homeowners and businesses.

Phoenix Manufacturing is recognized as an industry leader in customer service, product quality and engineering innovations. This includes mobile evaporative coolers like the Mobile Aerocool, Master Blaster, Patio Pal and Shop Blaster.

“The evaporative cooling market is pretty mature so our development and engineering departments continually think of new applications that take advantage of the inexpensive operating costs inherent with the product,” said Bob Lewis, Vice President of Marketing & Business Development. “As you can see, some of our recent focus has been to bring the coolness to you.

“Having mobile products, some of which are multipurpose, has been a game changer, giving comfort in otherwise sweltering conditions,” Lewis continued.

“Speaking of game changers, our new Water Saving Coolers are just that,” he added. “These window coolers use 70% less water than a standard evaporative cooler.”

The evaporative cooling company is not only meeting the needs of customers worldwide with the products it produces, but the employees that have called Phoenix Manufacturing their home for more than 20 years.

“Bennito, who has worked in production for 27 years, knows what it takes to produce the highest quality products without letting “good enough” get by him,” said Anne Wood, Phoenix Manufacturing director of Marketing. “Marsha and Melisa have been working with Customer Service and Logistics, one for 24 years and the other 28 years.

“They know our customers by name and our customers know they can count on our valued employees to help in all scenarios,” Wood continued.

Phoenix Manufacturing will be showcasing products at expos throughout the year.

About Phoenix Manufacturing: Phoenix Manufacturing is a builder and supplier of quality evaporative cooling products to residential, commercial and industrial customers worldwide. Founded in Phoenix in 1975, the company has continually developed some of the finest air-cooling products available anywhere. Recognized as an industry leader in customer service, product quality and engineering innovations, Phoenix Manufacturing excels in overall customer satisfaction and has experienced strong, steady growth over the years. For more information, visit www.phoenixmanufacturing.com