PMI Providing Factory-Wired Single Point Connections

PHOENIX, AZ – June 2012

Phoenix Manufacturing, Inc. (PMI) has announced a new twist for an old established product line.   PMI is bringing the highest level of customer service by offering  factory assembling and pre-wire services that save time and money on all your commercial/industrial jobs.

FAC (or Factory Assembled Coolers) speed up the installation process with ready to install coolers direct from the factory.  The FAC option provides the benefits of receiving the order fully assembled and factory tested by a team a trained specialists.  The FAC cooler arrives on site ready for installation.

The SPC or “Single Point Connection”  includes installation and wiring of the motor, sheave, pump, and pump junction box, float , and control box .   Also included is the switch box for operation of the cooler.    This benefit can significantly reduce man-hours generally performed by a customer’s most expensive sub-contractor (technicians), cutting costs by minimizing time on the job.

If more control is requested then try the SPCT120 Thermostat accessory.  The 24V digital, programmable stat allows remote thermostatic control of up to 25 coolers with the SPC.

This added benefit will give our customers the opportunity to increase their selling dollars and margins on an existing product line – both industrial Apen coolers and / or industrial Rigid Media coolers – while providing a service not currently offered by others in the industry. Headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, PMI is a member of Riverbend Industries, Inc.

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