Still going strong 42 years later

We know how to keep people cool in the heat.

In fact, the Phoenix based company has been designing, manufacturing and distributing its evaporative cooling products in the United States for homeowners and businesses since 1975.

The company has been recognized as an industry leader in product quality and engineering innovations.

“Evaporative cooling is still a great product and a great opportunity,” said director of marketing, Anne Wood.

Wood has been with the company for more than 26 years. While there have been changes in the industry, evaporative cooling is still a necessity.

“It’s a lot of replacement business,” Wood said. “You head out to the mobile homes in East Mesa and they still have evaporative coolers on them.”

Whether replacing evaporative coolers, adding to certain rooms in homes, installing them on commercial businesses or developing new mobile coolers, which are gaining in popularity, the company’s history pushes them to innovate their industry.

“The segment of evaporative cooling that has grown in the last 15 years has been mobile coolers,” Wood said. “It can cool an area where air conditioning can’t be used.”

We have turned out products from the Mobile Aerocool and Master Blaster that can be used to cool down backyard events and bigger venues like a football team’s sidelines.

The latest additions of the Patio Pal and Shop Blaster to the company’s mobile coolers lineup has upped the cool factor for consumers.

The Patio Pal is an evaporative cooler with a built in ice chest holding up to 154 cans of your favorite beverage and the Shop Blaster not only features the cooling aspect, but it can store your tools and has an MP3 compatible stereo with Bluetooth and FM radio attached.

“We’re producing these types of patio and garage products in order to grow our business and develop new niche markets,” Wood said.

This also includes creating a new fire and water table to beautify and warm the outdoor entertaining space.

“At the same time, our company is growing the commercial segment of the business,” Wood said. “This includes offering a service to do a factory installation of all the job specific componentry and wiring, which gives our mechanical contractors more of the installation job.

“This factory installation involves installing all components and wiring all the controls and electronics making the mechanical contractors job much less time consuming but just as lucrative,” Wood continued.

The company is a big player in the ever-changing evaporative cooling industry. Their products are being used worldwide.

“Our product does get shipped all over the world,” Wood said. “In fact, I once sold a cooler that went down to [a cigar company] in the jungle of South America,” Wood said.

We’re always looking for new ways to grow, but they never lose sight of the heart of the company; our employees.

“You don’t find a lot of companies that have the number of people with the longevity like we do,” Wood said.

There are many other employees like Wood who have called the company their work home for more than 20 years.

“This shows the stability of our company and how we keep growing and finding those niches where people are using evaporative cooling,” Wood said.

“We know the product, we know our industry and these people have been around long enough to know what is required,” she continued.

This is a true testament that we’re here to stay for the long haul.