Patio Pal making backyards cool

Are you a new homeowner looking for some cool gadgets to make your backyard stylish and helps you tolerate the summer heat?

We have the cooler to not only make your backyard look ‘the bomb’, but keep you and your drinks chilled.

The Patio Pal is one of the newest mobile evaporative coolers to join our product line. It can cool up to a 1,000 square feet space and can drop up to 30-degrees in temperature.

The Patio Pal can be moved anywhere you like thanks to the sturdy wheel design, which includes locking down two casters to keep it in place and easy-grip handles.

Now the other cool part about the mobile evaporative cooler is that you and your guests can stay hydrated with your favorite beverage.

The Patio Pal has a built in ice chest that can hold up to 154 cans. It even has a convenient flip bottle opener and FDA dishwasher-safe cutting boards.

This is just one of the many ways we are staying up to date on the latest evaporative cooling trends.

While the Arizona manufacturing company continues to make residential and commercial evaporative coolers, they understand the need and want for mobile evaporative coolers in the home and at big events.

The easy mobility makes these evaporative coolers perfect to use all year round, but it works best when the outside humidity level is low.

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