Mobile Aerocool making summer evenings comfortable

Are you one of those people who like entertaining family and friends at your house, especially when you have the perfect patio?

If this sounds like you then we have a solution for those hot days or nights when it’s just too warm to be comfortable.

The solution is to add the Mobile Aerocool evaporative cooler to your backyard décor. It can put real cooling power right where you need it outside.

The Mobile Aerocool is easy to operate with simple switches and the powerful multi-speed motor blows plenty of icy air to keep your guests chilled.

The rugged casters allow you to move it where you need it and the color paint finish is designed to complement many patio decors.

The Mobile Aerocool is very durable and just the right size, so it doesn’t take up too much space. It will keep you cool on your patio, in the garage or you can even take it to that hot soccer field.

If interested in finding out more about this family of Mobile Aerocool evaporative coolers, visit