Programmable Drain Pump

Save Up To 3000 Gallons of Water a Month!
Until now the best means of keeping your cooler clean was to use a “bleed-off” system, which simply drains off a percentage of water as the cooler operates. Today, by replacing the “bleed-off” with the innovative Automatic Programmable Drain Pump (PDP), you can save as much as 3000 gallons of water per month – enough to fill a standard swimming pool – in just one cooling season! That translates into real dollar savings while conserving a substantial amount of water.

Compatible with Any Evaporative Cooler
The PDP will function with any manufacturer’s evaporative cooler, but because of our low sump pump technology, the PDP performs best with our products.

Features & Benefits

The PDP has easy plug-in installation, full 2 year warranty and U/L recognized U.S. Patent# 5,527,15. With The PDP installed, it will automatically provide fresh water to your evaporative air cooler every 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours (based on your settings). By simply providing fresh water to your cooler you:

Prevent mineral build-up
Can save over 3,000 gal./month of water as compared to bleed-off
Reduce bacterial growth
Extend pad life
Reduce maintenance
Improve efficiency
Eliminate chemical additives and cleaners

Conserve Water – Increase Efficiency

The Automatic Power Clean System Can Reduce Water Waste by As Much As 80%
When compared to a standard bleed-off system, the Programmable Drain Pump (PDP) can save as much as 3000 gallons of water in a single cooling season. The graph below illustrates the potential monthly water savings by each of our cooler models when combined with the PDP.

The PDP will yield substantial dollar savings while conserving the earth’s valuable resource.