Cool off in your garage with the Shop Blaster

When working in your garage, no one wants to sweat. So, whether making way to build new shelves or working on your car, staying cool is important.

We’re making sure folks don’t have to worry about overheating.

The Arizona based company has been selling coolers for homes and commercial properties for over 40 years, but in order to be relevant, we have had to evolve and change with the times.

Today there is a growing need for products that can cool down hot spots everywhere; therefore we have designed mobile evaporative coolers, which can cool areas where air conditioning isn’t practical.

However, the new coolers aren’t your everyday coolers.  These are multipurpose coolers and one of those coolers is called the Shop Blaster.

It’s the perfect fit not only for garages, but airplane hangars, tech centers, maintenance shops and even open bay service shops.

The Shop Blaster is ruggedly built and comes ready to operate right out of the box. It can keep workspaces and customer-waiting areas cool by up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit and the heavy-duty casters make it easy to move around.

When it comes to keeping people organized, the heavy-duty Waterloo five-drawer toolbox, which is connected to the mobile evaporative cooler, can store tools or anything needed for your home or workspace projects.

The features making the Shop Blaster cooler extra special, include a ball bearing five locking-drawer toolbox, a 120-volt outlet to charge any tool or phone and an MP3 compatible stereo with Bluetooth and FM radio.

We’re giving customers a storage and cooling solution, all in one product.

If interested in finding out more about the Shop Blaster and how it can benefit your home or workspace, visit