Clydesdales stay cool in the Arizona heat

“Our product is able to cool in locations where air conditioning is not feasible,” said Anne Wood, Director of Marketing. “So in those types of spaces, this is the perfect solution.”

We are bringing heat relief to six Clydesdales with the USA Clydesdale Preservation Foundation (USACPF) in Gilbert.

The Valley builder and supplier of evaporative cooling products is doing this by donating a mobile evaporative cooler called the Master Blaster 36.

“We’ve done some dog rescue places already and it’s a good cause and they definitely need that type of equipment and it will improve their life tremendously, not only [for] the horses, but the people that care for them,” Wood said.

The Master Blaster 36 can lower temperatures up to 30 degrees in areas well over 2,000 square feet.

“[We] have a mister system and fans for each one of the horses and now we’re fortunate to have an industrial size swamp cooler and were very grateful for that,” said Rebecca Stivers, director and founder of USACPF.

Stivers said having the mobile evaporative cooler (MB36) will help her and the volunteers see less heat stress among the Clydesdales.

“This will contribute greatly to keeping them cool during the day,” Stivers said.

While Stivers is pleased with the new evaporative cooling unit, it looks like the Clydesdales are pretty happy too.

“I definitely want to give a big shout out to the company for allowing this to happen for us and the Clydesdales will also be very grateful,” Stivers said.