What should I do if the blower wheel assembly seems to be out of balance?

Check the set screws on the blower assembly hub, If loose, follow this procedure.  If the setscrew is loose on the opposite of the pulley side, untighten the set screw so that is not touching the shaft, then grab blower wheel assembly and pull the assembly against  the leather washer and bearing, with palm of your hand shove the blower …

How many times a year should I service my cooler?

Regular maintenance is essential and we recommend at a minimum of three times during the season for cooling comfort, extending the life of the cooler and to avoid unnecessary parts replacement. This service should be at start-up, mid-season and shutdown. Refer to the Owner’s Manual for a complete maintenance schedule.

What is the Power Cleaning System?

The PCS115 Power Cleaning System will automatically replace the water in your cooler with fresh, clean water every 12 hours of pump operation. This will flush out the old, mineral-laden water in the pan and bring in all new clean water.

Is a bleed-off required and can it be restricted?

A bleed-off system is included in window and whole house coolers and should be installed as instructed in the Owner’s Manual. An optional alternative to the bleed-off system would be the installation of a Power Cleaning System, which is a standard feature of the Aerocool Pro-Series units.

What is a bleed-off?

All PMI coolers come equipped with a bleed off tee and tube.  The purpose of a bleed-off is to continuously eliminate a small quantity of water from recirculation, allowing fresh water to enter the reservoir to reduce scale build-up and dilute mineral concentrations. To determine the flow rate that is right for your cooler, refer to the Owner’s Manual that …