Aerocool Sheave, Motor and Pump Specifications

Sheave & Motor Selection

All sheaves listed are adjustable to meet the blower speed RPM requirements for your application. Using the model number combined with the motor horsepower and blower RPM, use this chart to locate the corresponding part number in the far right column.

Motors of varying and identical horse power may have different motor shaft sizes. Be certain the motor shaft diameter and motor sheave bore size are the same size.

Thermally protected motors do not require starting devices.

Motors which are 3 Phase 1 HP and greater, are high efficiency motors that meet or exceed U.S. E.I.S.A. (Energy Independence & Security Act)

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UL ClassifiedUL Classified Models The AeroCool Commercial models are UL Classified. In order to maintain this U.L. Classified designation, these models must be used in conjunction with PMI supplied Motors, Sheaves, Pumps and Junction Box kits (JBK). See price sheets for details.
UL ListedUL Listed Models U.L. listed models are also available. To specify and order a U.L. Listed model, add a “U” prefix to the front of the appropriate model number.

Example: UID601 & UWS100