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Frigiking Coolers

It’s hard to beat our 4-pad bottom discharge model for maximum cool air at minimum energy cost. Ideal for roof installation, this cooler features a unique full-closing damper to seal the unit and prevent winter heat loss. The versatile side discharge unit is perfect for either roof or thru-the-wall installations. Our wide angle pad lancing provides maximum air intake for maximum efficiency.

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AeroCool Rigid Coolers

Utilizing single inlet design, the AeroCool Series provides the ultimate protection available for the longevity of your cooler. Fully lined in a tough plastic shield, the all-metal construction of the wet module is protected from the damaging effects of typical deposits found in most water systems. High efficiency evaporative cooling, low maintenance, and long life make these coolers your award winner.

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Patio Pal

Be the life of the party serving beverages in an abundantly cool way with the world’s coolest rolling beverage/patio cooler. The Patio Pal will not only keep your guests cool and comfortable, but it takes the event up a notch. The ample 114-quart beverage cooler holds up to 154 cans of your favorite drink and includes easy-grip handles for mobility. The luxury ice chest opens easily with gas springs and solid steel hinges.

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Shop Blaster

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty, industrial grade workstation that will stand up to your toughest use, check out the Shop Blaster. This Storage / Cooling solution can be utilized anywhere professionals use tools to earn a living or spin a craft. The heavy duty Waterloo® 5 drawer toolbox is built to last. Easily store, retrieve and organize professional tools and equipment while solving your cooling needs.

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