PACTrio Coolers

Summer Cooling Evaporative cooling reduces room temperature by up to 20-30 degrees
Winter Heating Ceramic element heats rooms up to 600 sq. ft.
Winter Humidification Humidifier with 24-hour run timer and long-life filter

Horizontal & Vertical Louver Oscillation

Unique design provides balanced airflow up and down and side to side for maximum coverage. When unit is switched off, louvers close automatically to keep out dirty air.

Heat, Cool Or Humidify The Air

Rely on your air conditioner and furnace less —triple action for
all-season comfort.

Powerful Bladeless Cooler

Customize your comfort level and lower your room’s temperature 20-30 degrees with 3 fan speeds and evaporative cooling mode. Removable water tank drawer contains 2 reusable ice packs that can be frozen and placed in tank for additional cooling.

Comfortable Moist Air

Humidifier function adds soothing moisture to the air. Provides up to 6 gallons of moisture per 24 hours, and 1.5 gallon capacity means fewer refills.

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