Rigid Media Coolers

Rigid Media Cooler 6

Powerful Cooling

Maximum Efficiency

Whether used to cool an entire facility or simply to spot cool specific areas, the AeroCool Commercial Rigid Media Cooler can supplement and/or replace mechanical refrigeration needs. The AeroCool Series is an ideal cooling solution for commercial, industrial, institutional or agricultural facilities and buildings that require moving large quantities of fresh air. Laundries, gymnasiums, kitchens, heat-treating areas and dry cleaning plants are perfect candidates for energy efficient evaporative cooling.

Modular Wet Sections

The AeroCool Industrial coolers can be equipped with wet sections that have 8″ or 12″ rigid media or the hi-efficient 4×4 media for maximum cooling power.

This rigid media is constructed of special cellulose material, impregnated with insoluble decay resistant chemicals as well as rigidifying saturants. The unique design of the pads, which continually direct water to the air inlet side, induces highly turbulent mixing of air and water for optimum moisture transfer. This process results in cooler, consistent air flow with lower temperatures.

Each wet section can be configured with 8″, 12″ or Hi-Density 4×4 rigid media

Configured to Meet Your Application

We provide a large array of configurations; single and dual wet section models, from 3/4 to 10 horse power motors and multiple CFM outputs. All sizes of the AeroCool Industrial series are available in side or down draft configurations. In addition, the IUP 701 and IUP 800
up-discharge units are designed for specialized installations or access needs. All these options combine to create an industry-leading level of configuration options allowing you to facilitate the most energy efficient cooler for your specific application.

Rigid Media Cooler 3

Built to Last

Rigid Media Cooler 5

Rigid Media Cooler 4

AeroCool Industrial coolers are constructed of heavy galvanized steel. Each component is then coated with

The industrial size blower wheel is dynamically balanced and paired with long-life ball bearings to ensure trouble free operation. our exclusive multi-layer Peblar XT finish, developed to protect the structure and help it resist rust and corrosion.

The AeroCool series will provide years of reliable service and provide maximum return on your investment.


  • Perfect for buildings that require large quantities of fresh air.

  • Uses highly efficient rigid media.

  • Proven alternative to costly mechanical refrigeration systems.

  • Constructed of heavy galvanized steel.

  • Available in side draft, down draft and updraft configurations.

  • Belt included with dry section.

  • Metal skids under each module for roof mounting. Lift brackets are supplied for lifting to installation site.

  • Knockout for electrical service is 7/8″.

  • Water supply line is 1/4″ O.D. and service can be from either side.

8” Standard Media

Economical choice – Lower Replacement Cost

AMCA Certified Ratings

Specification of critical components is vital in obtaining the required discharge volume through the unit. Motor horsepower, voltage, motor shaft outside diameter, motor sheave outside and inside diameters all directly relate to the revolutions per minute (RPM) of the blower wheel. Equally important is the reduction in electrical usage and water required for operation.

Aerocool Commercial Coolers by Phoenix Manufacturing, Inc. enhances productivity though comfort, sustaining energy efficiency and exceptional performance.

Performance shown is installation Type B – free inlet, duct outlet. Power Rating (B.H.P.) does not include drive losses. Performance ratings include the effects of evaporative media in the airstream.

Airflow Data