Evaporative Cooling Rebates 

There are many ways to cut down on energy consumption in your house or business. One of those ways is by using evaporative cooling.

If you decide that evaporative cooling is for you, it can be up to 75 percent more efficient than a traditional air conditioning unit and cost half as much to install. The coolers operate most effectively in hot, dry climates where the humidity level is low.

We have been building and designing a variety of residential and commercial evaporative coolers for more than 42 years. The company is a leader in their industry, staying current with what customers want to see with their evaporative coolers.

This includes our product line of mobile coolers. Customers have the ability to stay cool in any space where refrigerated air just isn’t accessible.Some other perks to having evaporative cooling in your home or business is taking advantage of energy rebate programs.

To see if where you live has an evaporative cooling rebate program, check with your local utility companies.