Evaporative coolers are still cool

When you hear the words evaporative cooling, what comes to mind. While a lot of people know what evaporative cooling is and how it works, there are still some folks who wonder how can it benefit me when I can have air conditioning.

Evaporative cooling is environmentally friendly and it allows you to save plenty of money because it conserves so much energy vs. air-conditioning. This is what people want when trying to grow their green footprint in and around their home.

Evaporative coolers aren’t just made for cooling the inside of houses and factories; there are portable coolers that can cool down an outside house party or even bigger venues like a football team’s sidelines!

Whenever you need to cool yourself down, we have a few tips to help you decide what to look for when buying an evaporative cooler.

  1. What is the difference between evaporative cooling vs. air conditioning?

Air-conditioning uses refrigerant to cool, which is very harmful to our environment and cannot be released into the atmosphere. It also uses a larger motor to operate than the equivalent cooler thus consuming much more electricity costs. Evaporative coolers are simple machines and can be maintained by the homeowner. A licensed contractor must be called to maintain you air-conditioning unit.

  1. How much money and energy can an evaporative cooler save someone?

Evaporative coolers use 1/4 to 1/3 the electricity to operate vs. air-conditioning.

  1. What type of climate is most effective for an evaporative cooler?

Coolers operate most effectively when the humidity level is lower. So the lower the humidity level the higher the comfort level one will get from a cooler.

  1. How do you maintain an evaporative cooler?

These are just a few quick tips;

  • Lubricate your bearings
  • Check belt tension
  • Clean pump basket
  • Check pads for calcium build up and replace if necessary
  • Check water delivery system for clogging
  1. What types of evaporative coolers are on the market and most popular?

There are several styles of evaporative coolers on the market. This includes aspen window coolers, aspen rooftop coolers, small plastic portables (offer little air movement), rigid media window coolers, rigid media rooftop coolers and large commercial coolers.

In addition, there are many styles of portable coolers from small to large that are used for spot cooling specific areas.