Take Control of Your Cooling Needs with the

Nthdegree™ Digital Thermostat

nth degreeFor whole house energy efficient evaporative cooling control. This electronic thermostat control package is designed to operate any whole house cooler. Just set your comfort level and relax, the Nthdegree™ will cycle the fan between low, high or off to maintain the temperature using the least amount of energy possible… Just set temperature, and let Nthdegree™ take care of the rest.

  • UL Listed
    Meets Underwriters Laboratory standards for safety.
  • Easy to install
    Easy instructions guide the simple installation of the individual components.
  • Two Piece Kit
    Contemporary electronic wall thermostat for inside control and a rain-resistant tight NEMA control box which mounts outside the cooler.
  • Works with ANY Cooler
    Automatic control for what ever cooler you own, whether it’s operating at 115V or 230V and will work with any horsepower motor up to 1HP.
  • Pre-Wet Cycle
    Upon startup there is a delay while the pump wets out the pads before the blower fan engages, thus immediately delivering cool air.
  • Energy Saver
    The stat operates the cooler only when needed by automatically turning the cooler on or off and selecting a blower fan speed that uses the least amount of energy required for operation.