Water Conservation Cooler

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Evaporative air cooling is an efficient, low energy way to provide real cooling power using water evaporation instead of costly refrigeration. But water is an important resource too. PMI understands this and set out to find way to reduce the amount of water that a typical evaporative air cooler requires to operate effectively.

The result is the new Water Conservation Cooler by PMI. But how much water can you save while still providing effective cooling? It turns out, you can save enough water to make a real difference.

The New WCBW4000

The WCBW combines sophisticated timing with an advanced cleaning system to create ultimate water savings while still providing effective cooling.

A typical evaporative air cooler will use more than 28,000 gallons of water in just one cooling season.

Reduce that amount to as little as 8,194 gallons with the Water Conservation Cooler by PMI. That’s more than a 19,000 gallons less water during the same period of time. Think of what you could do with 19,000 gallons.

We created the Water Conservation Cooler to use as little water as possible while maintaining an output temperature within approximately 2 degrees Fahrenheit of a standard operating evaporative cooler. The Water Conservation Cooler works by keeping the pads just wet enough to cool without over saturating the pads and wasting water.

What is a Bleed-off Valve and why does my cooler need it?

All manufacturers of evaporative coolers strongly recommend the use of a bleed off system to help keep the cooler free from mineral build-up which is harmful to the metal of the cooler.

A bleed off system generally consists of a small tube that is connected to the main water line from the pump. The purpose of this line, is to pump old water from the cooler which is then replaced with fresh, clean water. This helps to reduce the amount of calcium and mineral build up that may occur in the water.

How is the Water Conservation Cooler Different?

A traditional bleed off continuously pumps water from the cooler and can waste thousands of gallons of water a year.

The Water Conservation Cooler eliminates the bleed-off water waste and instead incorporates two water saving features: the PCS (Power Clean System) and a special timing device to operate the pump. This allows the cooler pads to stay wet enough to cool but operates for just a fraction of the time which saves water and money.

Together, these items can save over 19,000 gallons in a single season. 

This method is further enhanced by the use of the more efficient rigid media pads. Rigid media pads cool the air to lower temperatures than standard aspen pads and can last much longer.


Incorporating the two water-saving devices together in our coolers saves thousands of gallons of water per cooler, per season.