What is the CFM Rating on my cooler?

The CFM rating for the units can be found on the brochures for each unit. Please refer to support center and click on “Downloads” to select the brochure for your product.

What is the SEER Rating on my cooler? What is the BTU Rating of my cooler?

SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) is a measure used for air conditioners. It refers to the BTU/hr of cooling, per watt of electricity. Evaporative coolers are rated by CFM, (Cubic feet per minute), of air flow. Since blower motors consume electricity based upon the horsepower of the motor, there is no energy rating that is the same as the compressor …

Where is the model number located?

For all of the Aerocool products, the model and serial number can be found under the electrical connection, all others can be found on the rear top flange or the rear leg of the cabinet.