Bugs Auto Art cooling off with the Shop Blaster

“I feel very blessed to do what I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid,” said Efrain Gonzales.

Gonzales is the owner of Bugs Auto Art in Mesa. He had dreamed of opening up a workshop like this as a little kid.

“I do custom painting and custom pin stripping,” Gonzales said. “I’m going on 35 years since I’ve been doing this work and my first attraction was to low riders because of the work, the paint schemes are unlimited.

“There are no rules to it, just do what you do,” Gonzales continued.

A passion to produce perfect auto art is what Gonzales strives to do every time he starts a new project.

“I try to be as perfect as I can and then sometimes I’m pretty hard on myself when I should not have done that, it’s just they way I am,” Gonzales said.

The hard work doesn’t come without breaking a sweat.

“The fans to me that is the old days and once I got this right here, it made a big difference, so the fans can go somewhere else,” Gonzales said.

While Gonzales pushes out cool art, he tries to keep his workspace cool with the Shop Blaster.

A toolbox and cooling unit built on wheels. It features five locking storage drawers and the evaporative cooling unit can lower temperatures up to 30 degrees in most garages.

“I move it around to where I want it and this really makes a difference, it really does,” Gonzales said.

A product that people who work outside should definitely consider making part of their business.

“Never be afraid to invest in yourself and tell you what this [Shop Blaster] is a good investment for yourself.”