Reducing The Heat

Increases The Efficiency

ecokool 1The EcoKool is an innovative solution to a common problem. As the outdoor temperature rises, your conventional air conditioner’s efficiency goes down causing your electric bill to go up. The EcoKool by Phoenix Manufacturing addresses the loss of efficiency due to excessive heat by creating the perfect environment for your air conditioner to operate in – It’s like climate control for your air conditioner!

By reducing the ambient temperate air around the coils, EcoKool can boost the efficiency of your air conditioner and provide real energy savings. While the outside temperature rises and electrical demand reaches its peak – EcoKool can provide as much as a 20% – 30% boost in energy savings.

How Ecokool Works

Stage 1
Hot outside air is drawn into EcoKool and passes through a high efficiency rigid media.

Stage 2
Moisture from the cool air is drawn away as it passes through the drying stage.

Stage 3
Cool dry air is supplied to the air conditioner coils where it creates the ideal environment for your air conditioner to operate at its peak efficiency.